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What does EKDesigns provide

Hello Everyone, yes, I am writing a blog about my own website, which if you are reading this you are already on my site.  However, I provide so many services that I wanted to write down why even making a phone call to me could help improve your business.  Mainly because everyone is so busy […]

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Hosting Options for Small Web Design Companies

Are you a small web design company?  Do you require your clients to find their own hosting services? So, then you have the problem of every client is hosted, who knows where?  Wouldn’t it be great if you can offer hosting along with your web services without having to sign up for your own hosting […]

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3 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Personal cyber security is one of those things that you rarely think about until you become a victim, then suddenly, it is all you can think about! As a professional in the technology realm, I am reminded often of these risks, so I am passing along three of the easiest to resolve, common offenders:   […]

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