What does EKDesigns provide?

Hosting and Web Design

What does EKDesigns provide?

Hello Everyone, yes, I am writing a blog about my own website, which if you are reading this you are already on my site.  However, I provide so many services that I wanted to write down why even making a phone call to me could help improve your business.  Mainly because everyone is so busy running their own business, hiring people for a certain job, getting the daily service done for your clients and then finding the vendors you need for your business and on and on.

Here at EKDesigns we provide internet digital services that all of you use, but you may not use all the services correctly that could help you be more productive.

So, to start I design websites, but everyone has a web site, right? However, if your site is older you know you could use some help, but what if you just a site built in the last year, you think you are good right?  Maybe not!  Most new sites are built to look great when you see them, but they are built with many new features and plug-ins that are either not fully filled in correctly, or not being updated and used to your best benefit you digital marketing.

So, I don’t just build brand new websites, I help you build your internet presence and help you see that is at present time and then make a business plan of where you want to be.  Plus, if I don’t provide a service, I will help you find that vendor that will and will work with them for you.

So, feel free to call me to go over how many ways I can help you.  Here is a short list of my services but call me even if you need help talking to someone in the digital world.  I speak their language.