Hosting Options for Small Web Design Companies

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Hosting Options for Small Web Design Companies

Are you a small web design company?  Do you require your clients to find their own hosting services?

So, then you have the problem of every client is hosted, who knows where?  Wouldn’t it be great if you can offer hosting along with your web services without having to sign up for your own hosting server?

Well now you can!  Signup with shared hosting services.  You can sign up for your own monthly Control Panel to run everything from setting up websites, emails, databases and more.  You’re the boss.  Plus, you have EKD as your backup, so you can offer 24/7 service and go on vacation.  No worries!

Have you ever needed to get in to the back of your WordPress site?  Or waited for someone to make a change on a server that should have taken 5 minutes, but really took 5 days?  Never again, you’re in-charge.

Or you can sign up an individual account for each of your clients, however they would all be under your control panel account to view and EKDesigns would handle everything for you from billing the client to dealing with the late-night calls or helping a client setup a new phone.

It really is just as simple as that, to offer hosting with your website packages or personal web design services you are already offering you can have your own hosting services as well so clients only have to contact one Hosting/Design company.  Yours!

Contact today to get your server space all setup.